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The goal of this table is to present the positioning of desktop processors from Intel and AMD, in order to show which products are competitors and to quickly answer one of the most common questions from our readers: “which processor from company A competes with processor x from company B?”
Prices were researched at Newegg.com on the day we published this article.
The table only considers pricing, and it doesn’t have any means to indicate which processor is “better” or “faster.”
This month, Intel had 52 models listed, while AMD had 27.

Intel Price AMD
Core i7-5960X USD 1,049.99
Core i7-4960X USD 1,029.99
Core i7-4930K USD 638.99
Core i7-5930K USD 579.99
Core i7-5820K USD 389.99
Core i7-4770K USD 344.99
Core i7-4790K USD 339.99
Core i7-4771 USD 328.99
Core i7-4820K USD 322.99
Core i7-3820 USD 314.99
Core i7-4790 USD 309.99
Core i7-4770S USD 307.99
Core i7-4770
Core i7-4790S
USD 304.99
Core i5-4690S USD 274.99
Core i5-4670K USD 249.99
Core i5-4690K USD 239.99
USD 229.99 FX-9590
Core i5-4670
Core i5-4690
USD 224.99
Core i5-4590S USD 209.99 FX-9370
Core i5-3470 USD 205.99
Core i5-4570
Core i5-4570T
USD 204.99
Core i5-4590 USD 199.99 FX-8370E
Core i5-4570S USD 192.99
Core i5-4440
Core i5-4440S
Core i5-4460
USD 189.99 FX-8370
Core i5-4430 USD 184.99
USD 174.99 FX-8350
Core i3-4360 USD 150.99
Core i3-4350 USD 149.99 A10-7870K
Core i3-4370 USD 146.99
USD 139.99 FX-8320
Core i3-4330 USD 137.99
USD 134.99 A10-7800
USD 129.99 A10-7850K
Core i3-4130T
Core i3-4170
USD 124.99
Core i3-4150 USD 122.99
Core i3-4130
Core i3-4160
USD 119.99
Core i3-3220T USD 117.99
USD 109.99 A10-7700K
USD 104.99 FX-6300
USD 100.99 FX-6350
Pentium G3470 USD 99.99
Pentium G3430 USD 94.99
USD 91.99 A8-7600
Pentium G3440
Pentium G3460
USD 89.99 A10-5800K
USD 74.99 Athlon X4 860K
Pentium G3240 USD 72.10
Pentium G3258
Pentium G3260
USD 69.99
Pentium G3450 USD 67.99
Celeron G1850 USD 64.99
USD 59.99 A6-7400K
Pentium G3250 USD 57.99
Pentium G3220 USD 56.99
USD 54.99 Athlon X2 370K
USD 52.99 A6-6400K
USD 49.99 A4-6300
Celeron G1840 USD 48.99
Celeron G1820 USD 44.99 Athlon 5350
USD 42.99 A4-7300
USD 41.99 Athlon 5150
USD 40.99 Athlon X2 340
USD 35.99 Sempron 3850
USD 29.99 Sempron 2650