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Wearable fitness devices are all the rage right now, but all are not created equal. The Adidas Fit Smart Fitness Coach and Activity Tracker is unique in several ways – its looks and its focus.
The Fit Smart looks a bit different than most wearable devices. The soft silicone band covers the entire face of the watch, so that when it is not displaying information, it looks almost like a simple thick band. It comes in both black and white. The white is more of a translucent white rather than a bright white giving it a futuristic look. The band is 1.25” wide at the front and tapers down to about 1” in the back.
Adidas Activity Tracker
The silicone band has slots which allow you to comfortable set it to the size of your wrist. The end of the band also fits firmly into one of the slots making the watch completely secure. The Fit Smart comes in two sizes: small and large. The small fits my 6 3/4” wrist with another 1 1/4” to spare. So it should fit most women, as well as smaller-boned men.

Adidas Activity Tracker

At about 2 ounces, the Fit Smart is lightweight and comfortable. Although the watch is a bit large for me, I can still wear it all day without realizing that it is on.
The Adidas Fit Smart Fitness Coach and Activity Tracker has three almost invisible buttons that you can press to get information. One is in the center below the screen, and two are on the top and bottom right corners of the screen. With a simple press of the center button below the screen, the watch lights up with the time in large white digits. The other buttons control the display of other information like Bluetooth pairing, battery status, heart rate, and workouts with the center button also acting as an enter key.
The Fit Smart works with the Adidas miCoach train and run app, which is available for both Apple and Android. The app allows you to set goals and track calories. The integrated accelerometer can track pace, distance, and stride. It also provides visual coached guidance. The miCoach can also collect in-game stats for your particular sport.
The app is easy to set up and has a Bluetooth connection to the Fit Smart, which syncs your data automatically. In the app, you can choose workouts specifically designed to improve your performance. While most fitness devices track general fitness, this one is focused on working out. This is where the Fit Smart excels. It provides visual guidance for your workout intensity. It is like having a coach on your arm.
The device face has a white LED display with large text and numbers both for the time and for other information. It is very bright and easy to read and will be appreciated by those who don’t want to wear their reading glasses during a workout. The left side of the watch face has a strip of LED lights that change from white to blue to green to yellow to red indicating the intensity of your workout. One other nice feature is that the screen stays on during your entire workout, so you don’t have to press any buttons to get the information you need.
Adidas Activity Tracker
The app has many other applicable features as well. Before you begin, you can take an assessment to determine the level of workout you should choose. You can also set up a calendar for your workouts and have the app remind you on your smartphone when your training session is set to start. After your workout, you can use the app to see your stats, including time, distance, average heart rate, and calories burned. It also provides useful graphs and charts to track your progress. There is a plethora of information that will be especially useful if you are training for a race or event and want to get into tip-top shape. You can even share your workout stats on Facebook, if you have friends who are interested and who might provide extra motivation for you.
Adidas Activity Tracker

The back of the watch, shown below, contains the heart rate sensor, so you don’t need to wear any type of strap. Although you don’t see it when wearing the device. The two sensors on the bottom shine a strong green light onto your skin to detect your pulse.

Adidas Activity Tracker

When you are working out, the Fit Smart tells you at a glance how your workout is going. If you need to increase or decrease your workout intensity to hit your desired heart rate zone, your wrist will buzz and show you arrows that indicate of whether you need to push harder or slow up. It is the most effective tool that I have seen for people who want to improve their workouts or specialized fitness training for sports, including soccer, football, and basketball. This device even tracks the number of calories burnt during a workout.
The Fit Smart has exceptional battery life and comes with a really nice magnetic charger, shown below.
Adidas Activity Tracker
The retail price of the Fit Smart is a little higher than many other similar devices. Those who are only interested in counting steps or calories would be best to find a less capable and less expensive device elsewhere. If, however, if you are interested in bettering your workouts you will find that the Fit Smart gives you a lot for your money.