The Aerocool Cylon Case is a mid-tower case with RGB LEDs on the front panel, card reader and full acrylic left panel. Let’s check it out!

The Cylon comes only in black. Its highlight is the stripe with RGB LEDs on the front panel, which may be programmed with seven colors or six RGB “flow” modes.

Figures 1 and 2 show the case. The left panel is a single acrylic panel, and the right panel is solid.

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Aerocool CylonFigure 1: Aerocool Cylon case

Aerocool CylonFigure 2: Aerocool Cylon case

Let’s take a closer look at the case in the next pages.

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The front panel of the Aerocool Cylon is solid, with a translucent diagonal stripe with RGB LEDs.

Aerocool CylonFigure 3: front panel

Removing the front panel (just pull it) you see the metallic panel where you can install up to three 120 fans. There is no air filter here. You can install a radiator up to 240 mm.

Aerocool CylonFigure 4: front panel removed

The top panel has a mesh area in the rear, and the panel with buttons and connectors on the front.

Aerocool CylonFigure 5: top panel

The mesh area is protected by a filter, held in place with a magnet stripe. Figure 6 shows this opening without the filter. You can install a 120 mm fan here, or a 140 mm slim fan.

Aerocool CylonFigure 6: top panel

On the front of the top panel is the area with the power button, earphone and microphone connectors, two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 port, reset button, HDD activity and power LEDs, and SD and Micro SD card reader. The button next to the front edge controls the frontal RGB LEDs, changing colors and patterns.

Aerocool CylonFigure 7: connectors and buttons

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The bottom panel of the Aerocool Cylon has two openings, one under the HDD bays and one for the power supply, this one with air filter.

Aerocool CylonFigure 8: bottom panel

The rear panel of the Aerocool Cylon is painted in black. The power supply is installed at the bottom of the case.

The product comes with a 120 mm fan installed on its rear panel (1.92 W, no more info available.) There are no openings for external liquid cooling system hoses.

This case comes with seven expansion slots, one with a reusable cover and the others with covers that must be broken to use.

Aerocool CylonFigure 9: rear panel

Let’s now take a look inside the Aerocool Cylon.

The left panel, in acrylic, is held by four thumbscrews. The right panel is held with two thumbscrews.

The motherboard tray has a huge cutout for you to access the backplate of the CPU coolers without having to remove the motherboard from the case, and holes for you to route cables behind it. There is a 0.6 inch (15 mm) clearance between the tray and the right panel to organize the cables.

The case supports ATX and smaller form factor motherboards.

There is a cover for the power supply compartment, with an opening that allows you to see the power supply. Over this cover, there is room for two 120 mm fans.

Aerocool CylonFigure 10: overall look

Aerocool CylonFigure 11: a view behind the motherboard tray

In Figure 14, we have another overall look inside the case. Expansion cards are held with regular screws.

The Cylon supports video cards up to 14.6” (371 mm) long. You can install CPU coolers up to 6.1” (155 mm) tall.

Aerocool CylonFigure 12: overall look

The power supply is installed at the bottom of the case, in an space apart from the motherboard area. It can be installed with its bottom fan facing up or down. As shown before, there is an air filter for the power supply fan.

You will be able to fit power supplies up to 7.1” (180 mm) deep.

Aerocool CylonFigure 13: power supply compartment

The Aerocool Cylon has two internal 3.5” bays (that can also fit 2.5” devices) and two internal 2.5” bays.

Figure 14 shows one 2.5” bay, located behind the motherboard tray.

Aerocool CylonFigure 14: 2.5” bay

In Figure 15 you see two 3.5” (or 2.5”) bays located on the power supply compartment.

Aerocool CylonFigure 15: 3.5”/2.5” bays

Figure 16 unveils the other 2.5” bay, located on the front area of the motherboard tray.Aerocool CylonFigure 16: 2.5” bay

Figure 17 shows a complete PC built on the Aerocool Cylon.

Aerocool CylonFigure 17: built system

Figure 18 shows the system on, with the front LED stripe on the “flow” mode.

Aerocool CylonFigure 18: lights on

AeroCool Cylon Mini RGB microATX case, Black
  • Elegant backslash LED with 13 lighting modes on front panel
  • 6 RGB flow lighting modes and 7 solid color modes
  • Full acrylic side panel to showcase your rig
  • Top dust filter can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Supports Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards

The only highlights of the Aerocool Cylon are its front panel with RGB LED stripe, and the card reader. Besides that, it is an average case, similar to cheaper models.

So, the Cylon is a good choice only if you falled in love on its looks with RGB LEDs. If it is not you case, there are better models that cost the same, or even less.

Strong Points

  • Front panel with RGB light
  • Air filter for the power supply
  • Comes with card reader

Weak Points

  • Non-reusable expansion slot covers
  • No air filter on the front panel
  • Only two 2.5” and two 3.5” bays
  • Only one USB 3.0 port

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