A Preview of Apple Watch 2 Specs and Details
Apple is tight-lipped about their upcoming product, Apple Watch 2. This has, in fact, added fuel to global curiosity about this futuristic product. The first watch from Apple did not really live up to the expectation of the people, as it contained a lot of outdated components, so many are expecting to see a big overhaul over the old watch. Slowly but surely, this product is generating an expected hysteria. For now, the focus is solely on the expected functionalities of the product.
Apple Watch 2

GPS connectivity

The lack of GPS connectivity was a cause of concern for current users of Apple Watch, especially those who are stern fitness trackers. The addition of GPS would redeem the watch’s reputation and will make it a good addition to those who are looking for a perfect fitness tracking solution. However, since Apple is experiencing genuine problems with providing GPS connectivity on a wide scale, the new watch series may only be able to work with limited GPS facility.

  • Battery longevity and life

Another problem of the first generation of Apple watch is its low battery life. Daniel Matte, the lead analyst of Wearable Technology, feels that the emergence of better chipset fabrication is the solution the company is looking for. With rumors running about how the second generation will be run by a 16nm S2 chip, it may just lead to a far superior battery performance and life. In fact, it may even be able to make more space for the most wanted health sensors.

  • Battery Straps

One of the many patents Apple has submitted to the US patent office this year is the modular functional band links for wearables. In all probability, this means a battery band that will serve as a back-up for the watch’s main battery.

  • Waterproofing

It has been calculated that about 7 percent of the users who wear Apple watch take it for a swim and 14 percent regularly take a bath wearing it despite warnings issued by the manufacturer. Expectancy among the masses is high regarding the waterproofing quality of this new watch. However, only time will answer this burning question.

  • Front Camera

Among the many possible new improvements of Apple Watch is the front-facing video cam which will allow FaceTime chats. This is a possibility people has been taking seriously since Apple has filed a patent for a front camera integrated into a top bezel. While some experts think that this addition is too raw to be introduced to the market, no one can stop Apple developers in creating another revolutionizing watch feature.

  • Standalone operation

During a survey conducted on watch app users, it was seen that 80 percent of the overall number wanted a dependency on iPhones to be removed. Apple Watch 2 might just be able to make that wish come true. While this feature has not been officially announced yet, people are counting on the Apple Watch team’s responsiveness on the issue. Even Bernard Desernauts, CEO of Wristly, which is an independent Apple Watch research team, thinks that Apple will continually make watches for independent use.

  • Information Exchange

Exchange of information through a mere handshake, high five, or fist bump, is one of the latest and most talked about patents about smartwatches this year.  After all, a watch tailored to push information to another device through a mere gesture is something that would make things convenient. The concept and technology are already present. People are only waiting for the realization of the idea.

  • Micro LED screen

Apple’s partnership with LuxVue Technology in the year 2014 gave birth to the rumors that the company is switching to micro LED screens. And where can the company better use low-power LED screens if not on the new generation of Apple watches? While it seems like a good idea to finally have an Apple watch with a good screen, one also has to consider that price of micro LED, which is certainly higher that the AMOLED display present in the old versions. People may or may not have to wait a little longer to get an improved LED display.
Apple Watch 2

  • Design

It would be imprudent on the part of the masses to think of a new design being introduced along with the new features. In all probability, there will be no major design changes. The new Apple watch will have the same thickness and screen size as the old one. However, lack of improvements on the external end is compromised with the introduction of new functionalities and a new processor. The battery will also increase in size to accommodate all the running features.

  • Apple Watch S

There are a lot of rumors running around about the new watch from Apple getting named Apple Watch S in place of Apple Watch 2. If this is true, then it might have undergone drastic changes under the hood. Some experts are also of the opinion that there would be a dual release, which means that there will be an introduction of a new watch and a modified one. While it may be costly, it’s also a clever marketing move on the part of Apple.

  • User Interface

There are several ways to interact with the Apple Watch, and some ¬of them are carefully hidden. This has led to an elongated learning curve, which eventually ends in frustration. A simplified UI is not much to ask, but it’s something people have yet seen in the smartwatch.

  • Price

Apple Watch 2’s price is expected to be on the same line as the old version, which stood at $100 in February. Unless there are huge modifications made, there won’t be a major shift in the pricing policy or structure of the watch.
Tech savvy people are waiting eagerly for the launch of Apple Watch 2, which is set to be released in mid-late 2016 according to Apple Insider. Expectations have been set high; however, experts have emphasized that there may not be any major upgrades during the launch of the watch.