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We’ve just happened to be in Silicon Valley and guess what? OCZ showed us their latest prototype: a 1,100-watt power supply. In fact, it uses two power supplies working in parallel inside the same housing.

OCZ 1,100 Watts Power Supply PrototypeFigure 1: 1,100 watts power supply prototype from OCZ.

What? A 1,100-watt power supply? Who needs that? Even OCZ doesn’t know. It is not only a matter of finding an application for such hi-power, but also a case that can fit this beast: since it uses two power supply boards inside, its length is double the normal power supply length. Actually OCZ is showing this prototype to key people in the industry to check if there is demand for such product. Maybe they will mass-produce this power supply, maybe not.

OCZ 1,100 Watts Power Supply PrototypeFigure 2: Side view.

Even though this power supply uses two regular power supplies inside, they are not redundant. Which means if one of the boards burns, the entire power supply won’t work anymore.

OCZ 1,100 Watts Power Supply PrototypeFigure 3: Side view.

We found this idea really amazing, but whom – at least nowadays – needs 1,100 watts? Even the latest power supply from OCZ that will reach the market in the following few weeks – a true 700 watts power supply – can deliver two times more an average user needs, even running a high-end video card. Bringing Frankenstein to life, maybe?