OCZ is going to launch a new self-contained liquid cooler for CPUs, called HydroJet. Physically it appears to be a big conventional CPU cooler, but on the inside it is a complete sealed water-cooling system in just one piece. The main advantage is that you will have the performance of a water-cooling system but without going through the hassle of assembling a complicated system or having tubes carrying liquids inside your PC. We had the opportunity to take a look at the prototype for this product, so let’s take a look at what the forthcoming HydroJet CPU cooler looks like.

OCZ HydroJetFigure 1: OCZ HydroJet prototype.

The base is made of carbon nano-tubes with a built-in pump and a regular fan on its other side – i.e., inside HydroJet. The system has a coolant inside and will come pre-assembled, not requiring any kind of service by the user.

On the prototype the heatsinks are made of copper, but on the final product they will be made of aluminum. The housing will still be made of the same kind of material shown on the pictures, a kind of hard plastic.

OCZ HydroJetFigure 2: OCZ HydroJet prototype.

OCZ HydroJetFigure 3: OCZ HydroJet prototype.

According to OCZ, HydroJet will be able to dissipate 400 W of heat, while conventional air-based CPU coolers are only capable of dissipating half of this.