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The Windows operating system, in all of its versions, has a lot of hidden options that are invisible to the user. Some of them are just cosmetic, but there are some options that really matter regarding to system performance. System Mechanic is a program that allows you to edit and hack some of those options, as well as analyze your system to find and solve a lot of problems, speeding up your computer. Let’s learn how to use this powerful software.

System Mechanic is distributed as a 30-day evaluation copy. It costs USD 50.00 for an one-year license. However, sometimes you can find it on sale, costing less than that.

After installing the System Mechanic, the program will scan your system for errors and problems. Figure 1 shows the screen after the system scan.

System MechanicFigure 1: Analysis report

After the analysis, you have the option to repair all the problems automatically, or review one by one. Figure 2 lists the problems detected in our computer.

System MechanicFigure 2: Problems list

System Mechanic has a huge number of features and resources. In the next pages, we will check the most important ones.

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One of the main features of the System Mechanic is the Windows Registry optimization. It can back up the registry (also maintaining the registry automatically safe by backing it up regularly), repairing errors in the registry entries, and also defragmenting and compressing it in order to optimize it.

System MechanicFigure 3: Registry Revitalizer

Another interesting function is the system clutter cleaning. The program searches for the internet cache files and windows temporary files, cleaning up all of them.

System MechanicFigure 4: PC Cleanup

Sometimes, the computer feels “sluggish” or hangs due to excess of loaded programs, some of them absolutely useless. System Mechanic allows you to check what programs are being loaded at Windows startup, choosing each one will be loaded or not. The program helps you to decide by showing the percentage of people who turn each program off.

System MechanicFigure 5: Optimize Windows Startup

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One of the great features in System Mechanic is the “Optimize Internet Settings”. It simply sets all the network options of the operating system for maximum performance. As most functions in the program, this procedure does not require that the user decides upon small details; it is completely automatic.

System MechanicFigure 6: Optimize Internet Settings

A program intended to boost the computer performance must pay some attention to the storage system optimization. System Mechanic is smart enough to run the correct optimization method for each type of drive: it will defragment a hard disk drive if you have one, and it will run an SSD Accelerator routine if you have a solid state drive. Program files are also optimized to load faster.

System MechanicFigure 7: SSD Accelerator

System Mechanic also has a hub for all customizable Windows Settings you can customize. You can set the options for the start menu, network options, windows appearance and effects, Windows updates, system paths and folders, media, startup, and others.

System MechanicFigure 8: Customize Advanced Windows Settings

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System Mechanic is a very useful software for those who like their Windows operating system always optimized. Besides offering tons of tasks that analyze, repair and optimize each detail of the system, it also has a background agent that keeps the system always with the best possible performance and stability, keeping the RAM defragmented and optimized, preventing system files to be fragmented when they are written, and balancing tasks between CPU cores in order to improve processor performance.

It is a great tool for the user who likes tweaking his computer, or just keeping things clean.

There are so many features in System Mechanic that a single article such as this cannot cover them all. We recommend you install it and try ityourself.

System Mechanic free evaluation version is available at https://www.iolo.com.