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We took a look at the latest high-end CPU cooler released by Thermaltake, V1 (a.k.a. CL-P0401), which is made of copper with four heat-pipes and using a very different design. Check it out.

Thermaltake V1Figure 1: Thermaltake V1 inside its box.

It is impossible to not have an opinion about V1 design. Love it or hate it, you can deny that it has a very different design. It has two heatsinks with a fan-like design, using four heat-pipes. At first you may think that these heat-pipes are connected together in an U-shaped design, however if you pay close attention you will see that these four heat-pipes are completely independent.

Thermaltake V1Figure 2: Thermaltake V1.

This cooler is made of copper and its base is so smooth that it looks like a mirror (because of the angle we took the picture shown in Figure 3 you can’t see that). On top of the cooler base there is an aluminum plate that holds the fan and the heatpipes to the base. We think this plate could be made of copper as well for a better look and maybe better performance.

Thermaltake V1Figure 3: Thermaltake V1 base.

Between the two heatsinks – which are installed facing each other – there is a 110 mm fan, which glows blue when turned on.

Thermaltake V1Figure 4: Fan between the two heatsinks.

This fan has a speed control knob, allowing you to change the fan speed from 1,300 rpm to 2,000 rpm. According to Thermaltake, this fan can blows up to 86.5 cfm of air.

Thermaltake V1Figure 5: Fan speed control knob.

According to Thermaltake this CPU cooler is compatible with sockets 775, AM2, 940, 939 and 754.