Zalman is going to release this month two new VGA coolers, ZM90-HP (which will be released as VNF-100), which is a passive solution and thus noiseless, and VF1000, which is an active solution, i.e., uses a fan. Let’s take a quick look at these forthcoming products from Zalman.

ZM90-HP is a passive cooler using three heat-pipes and manufactured in aluminum. After assembled, the GPU base is located on the front of the card and the heatsink is located on the back of the video card, so this cooler makes a sandwich with the video card. Apparently it will be able to cool down all mid-range video cards, however we will need to wait until it is released to get a full list of supports video cards. You can see it on Figures 1, 2 and 3.

Zalman ZM90-HPFigure 1: Zalman ZM90-HP.

Zalman ZM90-HPFigure 2: Zalman ZM90-HP.

Zalman ZM90-HPFigure 3: Zalman ZM90-HP.

VF1000 is an active cooler manufactured in aluminum using four heat-pipes. Don’t be deceived by its apparently small size: it can cool down up to GeForce 8800 GTX.

Zalman VF1000Figure 4: Zalman VF1000.

Zalman VF1000Figure 5: Zalman VF1000.