Beats has excellent name recognition, and with LeBron James’s memorable television ad, the Powerbeats 2 wireless headset specifically is relatively well known. They promote this headset as a device for sports enthusiasts and gym rats. They are perfect for anyone who wants to listen to music while moving around. In this article, I’ll provide an honest and well-researched Powerbeats 2 wireless review for anyone interested in purchasing this model.

powerbeats - Powerbeats 2 wireless headset

The Powerbeats 2 Wireless Headset Features and Benefits

The IPX4 boasts sweat and water resistance and offers a secure fit which will get you through a heavy workout. The Powerbeats 2 comes in eight colors: all red, all white, all black, or combo colors of black/red, olive drab, lime/gray, red/gray and blue/gray.

Setup is easy and the Bluetooth 4 connects quite quickly. Just press and hold the power/connect button for four seconds to pair the device. The range tops out at about 30 feet, which is average for this type of Bluetooth device.

Silicone Over-Ear Loops Make for a Comfortable, Secure Fit

The silicone ear loops fit over your ears to help keep the earbuds in place – even during prolonged movement like running. These loops are slightly bendable, so with a little patience and careful bending, you can get a good fit. Although some people can’t get used to a pair of earbuds like these, I find that they help keep the headphones in place and are quite comfortable. Once you get used to these lightweights (24 grams or about .5 pound) Powerbeats, you will quickly forget you are wearing them., and their design is compact enough to fit in your pocket.

Various Ear Pad Sizes and Useful Accessories

The Powerbeats 2 wireless headphones come with a Micro USB charging cable, a stylish carrying case, a cable management clip, a quick start guide, and four different-sized sets of ear tips. You can choose the collection of ear tips that suit you based on material, comfort, strength, and durability. Since runners and sports enthusiasts might want to hear approaching cars or other dangers, these headphones are designed to allow a small amount of ambient noise in. By using the different sized ear pads, you can control the amount of background noise that comes through.

beatswithcase - Powerbeats 2 wireless headset

Balanced Sound Quality

These Powerbeats wireless airpods produce excellent sound quality. Incredibly sensitive and able to pick up all the sounds in a song, you can hear every detail with these headphones. I expected the bass to be deeper and more pronounced as it is in some other Beats products. However, the bass seemed to be quite balanced with the treble, more so than in other Beats products that I’ve tried. The Beats dual-driver acoustics do an excellent job of sending music through each earbud.

Built-In Microphone and Speaker for Hands-Free Calling

A three-button inline remote and microphone are built in for adjusting the volume and answering and ending hands-free calls. The rubberized texture of the remote provides a non-slip grip even if your hands are sweaty. If you have an Apple device, you can also double click the center button on the remote to skip tracks. However, this feature doesn’t work with Android devices.

Phone conversations are quite clear. The earpieces are attached with a 19.7 inch (500 mm) long cable which is adjustable. A small, round cable management clip on the cable can be used to slide the cord through the clip to make the cord shorter or longer. You can wear the cord either on the front or back and the inline remote is reachable with the left hand in either position. However, since the microphone is on the inline remote, if you use the telephone function a lot, it is best to keep the cable in the front, so the microphone is closer to your mouth when talking.

remote - Powerbeats 2 wireless headset

Firmware Upgradeable

The headphones are firmware upgradeable which is helpful for longevity and problem-solving. When they first came out, there was a syncing problem when using them to watch a movie, but a firmware upgrade resolved this syncing issue.

beatswithcharger - Powerbeats 2 wireless headset

Downfalls of the Powerbeats 2 HeadsetMicro-USB Port is a Bit of a Let-Down

A small silicone flap on the bottom of the left earbud opens to reveal a Micro-USB port which charges via a very short (6”) complementary cable. Unfortunately, no power plug is included, so you either have to purchase one or charge it through a USB device. Also, the silicone flap is relatively easy to open, but quite challenging to close.

beatsonoff - Powerbeats 2 wireless headset

The Small On and Off Switch Makes Forgetting to Turn It Off Easy

The on-off switch is a tiny button on the top of the left earbud. I got five to six hours of play time out of the Powerbeats when fully charged, but I found the battery discharged in as little as two days of inactivity.

The real problem with this headset is that it does not turn off automatically when not in use, so your battery can easily drain. As might be expected with such a small device, there is only one small light that indicates that the unit is powered on. A white light shows it is on and charged. A red light means there is under one hour of playback left, and a blinking red light indicates that there are less than 15 minutes of playback charge left. It is easy to forget to turn off the headset. Also, you remain careful that when you press the on/off button, the light actually goes off. It is easy to push the button without turning it off. If you forget to turn the headset off, when you try to use it again, you might well find them completely depleted of power. Bose Soundsport wireless headphones address this issue by alerting you of how much battery you have left via LED colors. This feature is something that Beats should add.

A Little Expensive

The retail price of these Powerbeats is a little steep, but you have to remember that you are paying a little extra for the Beats brand. Oh, and if you like the olive drab color, be ready to pay a premium and to wait, too. This color retails a good chunk of more money and is often sold out on the Beats website.

Frequently Asked Questions About These Beats Headphones

Does Wireless Powerbeats Have a Microphone?

The Powerbeats 2 features a microphone which is great for answering phone calls. Attach the ear hooks around your ears and avoid missing out on valuable business calls and catch up with friends without having to switch to your phone’s microphone. The sound quality is also exceptionally high when it comes to listening to people’s voices on calls, not just for playing music.

How Long Does the Powerbeats 2 Battery Last?

These Powerbeats headphones feature a rechargeable battery which lasts for six hours. In under 90 minutes, you can quickly (and fully) charge your wireless earbuds. This battery life is enough to listen to music during your morning workout and carry into your workday. Charging is easy too. Directly connect the USB device to the left earbud and insert the wire into your computer’s USB outlet. Alternatively, you can connect the earbuds’ cord into a standard power supply.

What is the Difference Between Powerbeats 2 and 3?

The Powerbeats 2 wireless headset has a battery life of around six hours, while the Beats Powerbeats 3 can last twice as long. This length is ideal if you are forgetful with charging or love listening to music for hours each day. When comparing the appearance of these earbuds, they look virtually the same. However, the newer version promises an improved ergonomic design to product earbuds which are also comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Both Beats headphones are very similar when it comes to boasting a built-in microphone, water-resistant material covering the earbuds, USB quality, sound quality, and more. The main difference that tells them apart is that the Powerbeats2 doesn’t include Apple’s W1 chip. This chip provides a streamlined setup process with better connectivity to Apple devices, quicker charging, and longer battery life. The Apple W1 chip also improves the Beats Powerbeats wireless signal strength, so you can easily sync your music to multiple devices. This means that only the Powerbeats 3 will provide you with these perks.

Overall Thoughts on These Wireless In-Ear Headphones

We appreciate how quick and simple the Powerbeats 2 Wireless headphones are to set up. As soon as you turn on the headphones, they instantly go into pairing mode. You can connect your phone or laptop to these headphones over 30 feet away, which can help you to feel free and provides more movement. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more annoying than losing signal at the gym and lifting weights with no music for motivation. Most importantly, the excellent sound quality (and bass!), is just one of our favorite features. Even if you like the volume way up, you won’t experience any distortion.

Do you own a pair of PowerBeats 2 headphones? If so, share your thoughts and advice on this device in the comments.

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