The Latest Updates on Nintendo NX
Early this year, Nintendo debuted their whole new NX games console, which will be released in March 2017. Excited patrons are staying tuned to the newest updates about the much-awaited Nintendo NX. Let’s discuss some of the latest updates avid gamers have been longing to know.
Nintendo NX design rumors: What will the Nintendo NX look like?
When Nintendo NX got teased, they have claimed it’s going to be a “fresh concept”. This could possibly mean that its design is going to be distinct. However, there are also other rumors stating that its design is just going to be similar to Wii U but with improved features and functionality.
On the other hand, the Nintendo NX controller isn’t hard to imagine. On top of the leaked material of its controller, there are also reports of patents filed by the company lately which somehow look like some sort of controllers. The very first patent displays hardware that is similar to that of the Wii U controller (2 control sticks and an LED display at the center). However, certain apparent changes did stand out.
Nintendo NX
The primary change is the absence of buttons. As you may have known, the Nintendo Wii controller has A, B, X, and Y buttons; this new controller version only has two. The original left and right shoulder buttons have also been replaced by 2 scrollable wheels, which certainly is an efficient way to boost users’ gaming experience. Another major thing we should note is the possibility that this figure could already be the console itself since it’s also been presumed that Nintendo NX will be portable.
Nintendo NX
The patent above may attract you, but the second one will surely grab your attention better, given its more interesting functionality. Seeing the photos below, the controller seems like it will use some motion and touch controls. This is different from the physical buttons generally used. However, it might not be totally touchscreen-enabled since the controller also highlights 2 shoulder buttons, 2 thumb sticks, and some sort of card slot (we still don’t know what exactly it’s for).
Nintendo NX
Like the first patent presented, the usual A, B, X, & Y buttons are not featured in the Nintendo NX controller. Though nobody can be so sure, it is presumed that instead of these buttons, they will be contextual– you will just see an attack button. This is something you can’t see on PS4 or Xbox One. If this new innovation becomes a hit, this is going to be another breakthrough for Nintendo.
Nintendo NX
Although this could help folks shift from mobile gaming to console gaming, we still are not sure if seasoned gamers will embrace the whole concept. In terms of games requiring split-second reactions, people still dominantly prefer to actually feel the buttons underneath their fingers, enabling muscle reflexes to get going instead of having to look down and take the risk of missing some digital button.

Nintendo NX processor rumors: What processor will the Nintendo NX feature?

In terms of internal mechanics of this new console, it’s not too digitalized. There’s even a presumption that this new device will use some AMD SoC, specifically the x86 APU, like that of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo NX Console UK pricing and pre-order: How much will the Nintendo NX cost?

NX is said to be as powerful as that of a PS4. If that’s the case, we can’t really expect it to go cheap. There’s a possibility that it could be around £200 to £300 (probably closer to £300).
Nintendo NX feature rumors: What will the Nintendo NX feature?
The exciting thing about Nintendo is that instead of following what other gaming manufacturers have in store, they break away and do their own thing. Nintendo likes making people excited for something they haven’t seen yet before.
Tatsumi Kimishima has announced that this new release isn’t going to be a successor to Nintendo 3DS or Wii U—it’s a new concept.
Rumors have it that NX console will have a totally different control method. It’s probably because the screen controller hybrid which was shown off with the Wii U hasn’t fully taken off yet and that its full potential can still be further unveiled.
Other rumors, as mentioned, suggest that the next Nintendo gen will be much like the Wii U but with improved features this time. Nintendo already introduced a way for gamers to play directly from the controller without having to use a TV and just pulling it off with an inbuilt touchscreen display. It’s speculated that this new device will enable players to carry on with their games even if they’re away from home.
If Nintendo becomes successful in creating a console with a gameplay paralleled to PS4 and Xbox One while allowing you to play conveniently on your controller even when you’re away from home, that could truly be a winning combination.
Nintendo NX games rumors: Which games will be available on the Nintendo NX?
Nintendo is said to have negotiated with third-party developers about their new system. Their affiliated developers affirmed the concept they’ve received.
So far, the games that are officially part of Nintendo NX are Dragon Quest X, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Dragon Quest XI. DQX was initially released for 3DS, Wii U, and PC while DQXI will be up for the Nintendo NX, PS4, and 3DS.
Nintendo has been tight-lipped in giving out further details about their new masterpiece. And gamers are all left wondering if the company already gave up the further development of Wii U and instead shifted their efforts towards making games for the Nintendo NX.
Final Words
Mixed reactions are circulating about the upcoming release of Nintendo NX. A few are cynical, some are neutral, and many are eagerly enthusiastic about the thought of getting hold of it very soon. Indeed, the gaming world will keep on evolving for the better as long as companies like Nintendo never stop fine-tuning their creations to boost the gaming experience of the worldwide market.