News, Details and Speculations on the PS4 Neo

After seven years, Sony had finally released a new console to replace PS3, but shortly after the launching of PS4, Sony immediately announced the release of its new upgraded version, PS4 Neo. PS4 Neo is designed to prepare the world for the new generation of games and give quality VR PlayStation experience.
It’s reasonable to wonder why Sony bothers to iterate the PS4. However, if you look at modern gaming industry, you’ll realize that technology is accelerating. We now have Pokemon Go and soon, Oculus Touch will be launched. Every gaming company is edging towards Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. If Sony wishes to keep up with the trend and provide console users the gaming experience that will not lag behind modern PCs, then they have to continually innovate.
Now, one of the biggest questions console fans are asking is whether they should buy PS4 now or wait for PS4Neo. The decision may or may not be crucial, especially since Sony is generally keeping quiet on the console’s specs. To give you an overview on what to expect, here is the list of rumors which have or have not yet been substantiated by Sony.
PS4 Neo


Chipmaker AMD, which runs the current Sony gaming boxes, has officially revealed that it has a new chipset with an increased power coming this 2016. This could power the new PS4 Neo. Reports suggest that the new console will have a faster clock speed, about 2.1 GHz, and an improved graphics processing unit. With an AMD GCN of 36 compute units that run at 911 MHz and a fast GDDR5 memory, it will be about two times better than the existing PS4. The new console’s processing grunt will provide a smooth experience without compromising on the graphics.
Video Output
The biggest speculation of them all, involves PS4 Neo using a 4k video playback to play videos (but not games). 4k is four times as many pixels compared to the typical 1080 TV display. This might be fitting since the same resolution is used in PlayStation VR headset. This case on video output is finally resolved during the Financial Times’ interview with Andrew House, Sony President and CEO, who has suggested the new high-end console will give support to this increased resolution.
VR Support
Welcome increased power and 4k video playback— this may be because of the PlayStation VR’s scheduled arrival in the market and Sony’s aim to finally step up when it comes to virtual reality. Analysts suggest the PSVR is going to be awful with PS4 and without a new hardware, PSVR is going to be a failure. Sony needs something more powerful to successfully bring VR into their games. This might also explain why PS4 Neo’s production is rushed. However, Sony is confident that it helps PlayStation VR reach its full potential.
Sony has confirmed that it has told developers of PS4 Neo that all software should also work on older hardware.  However, improving res texture, resolution, and frame rates—all of which is exclusive in Neo, is welcome. Innovating but scaling down to cater older versions of the console may add a lot of work to the development team.
When Sony decided to iterate the PS4, many people were wondering whether this could split the consumer base into two groups. However, Sony has confirmed that there will be no exclusive games for Neo. Every PS4 game, including Neo, will have to ship with a Base mode, which runs with the current PS4. Giant Bomb, a large website on video gaming, suggests that the extent of the current PS4 and the Neo’s difference will only be on resolution, power, and frame rates. Andrew House has said that Neo is created to target hardcore gamers who want to have quality gaming experience.
Design and Accessories
While Sony has not shown what PS4 Neo would look like, it’s sure to have a slight aesthetic overhaul. After all, Sony is known for consistently giving their consoles a make-over to stimulate sales.
While the console is sure to have a brand new look, it might not come with new accessories, especially since Sony wants to still maintain consistency across its systems. On a video posted by Youtuber PlayStation News—Monkey Flop, a new version of PS4 controller is shown with an indicator light under the translucent part of the console’s touchpad, thus replacing the built-in indicator light. The d-pad, face buttons, shoulder buttons, and analog sticks also have a shade of gray, rather than black. It’s not confirmed whether this is the same look Neo’s controller will get, however.
Other than that, all the existing accessories used in the current PS4 might still work with Neo. PlayStation VR will also support the existing PS4 and the upcoming one.
Since the Neo will have more processing power than the current console, then it’s only reasonable for it to have a higher price tag. This has been confirmed by House himself. While there are no official reports yet, analysts have broken down the production cost and settled that it may be $100 more than the price of PS4.
Launching Date
Days before the E3 2016, Neo revealed their plans of releasing PS4 Neo. However, there was no glimpse on it during the event. On August 2016, Sony has sent invitations to an even PlayStation Meeting, which is set in September 7 in New York. The probability of unveiling Neo during the said event is high. However, some analysts are convinced the new console will be launched in Tokyo Game Show, which happens in the same month as the PlayStation Meeting. Sony has yet to comment on any of these speculations. One thing is for sure, people can expect it within 2016.
All the hardware improvements on PS4 Neo will allow better graphics and performance. But does a PS4 user really need to buy the Neo? Not necessarily. Unless you’re a hardcore gamer with an aim to get your hands on PSVR, then you might just stick with your current console. Still, with the Neo, Sony will be able to successfully offer a competitive Virtual Reality experience.