Notice: this article is a spontaneous recommendation. We did not receive any kind of incentive from Driver Booster, or its parent company, to recommend this program. We are publishing it because we believe it can be useful to our readers.
The Windows Registry is a database that contains information on the operating system configuration and installed programs. After some time, after you install and uninstall programs, this database will contain errors, like information about programs already uninstalled from the computer. Besides occupying disk space, such errors can affect the operating system from functioning correctly. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is simple freeware that identifies and corrects Windows Registry errors. The program has no “pro” (paid) version, so it is really freeware.
There are other programs with similar functionalities, but we consider this program very effective (besides being simple, small, and free, which is always nice) and it deserves to be on the arsenal of any power user or computer maintenance professional. We ran this program after running the Advanced System Care and it was capable of identifying and correcting about 250 errors (this number raised to almost 500 when we enabled all the options available in Figure 1).
When you open Auslogics Registry Cleaner, you see, on the left column, a list of items the program will scan on Registry (see Figure 1). If you look well, you will see that there are some items that are not checked by default; we recommend that you check all the available options.

Auslogics Registry CleanerFigure 1: scanning options

Clicking “Scan Now,” the program will scan the Registry. In our case, the scan took only 15 seconds. Then, a list with the detected problems is shown and the severity level of them is presented (see Figure 2).

Auslogics Registry CleanerFigure 2: identified problems

The next step is to click the “Repair” button to correct the problems (see Figure 3). If you look good at this screen, the “Back Up Changes” option is checked by default. This is a very important feature: if an operating system problem occurs after the cleaning, you can restore the Registry backup to correct the problem.

Auslogics Registry CleanerFigure 3: repaired errors summary

The Auslogics Registry Cleaner has no other options (the additional options serve as an advertisement for another program from the same company called Auslogics BootSpeed) and is a simple and easy-to-use tool even for the beginner user.