The “xPro” chipsets (TX Pro, VX Pro, HX Pro, BX Pro, etc) are chipsets from companies like SiS, VIA and ALi relabeled by PCChips, i.e., PCChips gets a chipset like SiS 5598 and writes “TX Pro II” on it instead of “SiS 5598”. A relabeled chipset has exactly the same features of the original chipset.
This story goes back to the time of the Intel 430 VX and Intel 430 TX chipsets release, when users looked for motherboards with these chipsets (VX and TX) and found VX Pro and TX Pro on the market. Since the Pentium Pro processor was realeased by the same time, many believed that they were buying a more advanced motherboard, with better chipset than the ones from Intel – since Pentium Pro was more advanced than the Pentium processor.
Besides PCChips, other companies relabeled some chipsets as well. One of them was AMD, who was willing to release a chipset compatible with their K5 and K6 CPUs. They released the AMD-640 chipset, which was in fact a relabeled Apollo VP-2 from VIA. Another company that relabeled some chipsets was Soyo, who released some motherboard with “ETEQ” chipsets, which were relabeled chipsets from VIA. Even ASUS released a relabeled chipset, Super TX (a relabeled SiS 5598), on their SP97-V motherboard.
As the relabeled chipsets “don’t exist” (are an invention from PCChips, Soyo, AMD and some other companies), you need to know which is the real chipset manufacturer and model from your motherboard, in order to install updated drivers, for instance – specially the video drivers on motherboard with on-board video feature, as it happens with SiS 5598 (“TX Pro II”). For the TX Pro II chipset, just go to SiS website and download the SiS 5598 drivers, for example.
We compiled a table containing the name of the relabeled chipset, its real manufacturer and model and which motherboards use the specified chipset.
Keep in mind that many “manufacturers” like Amptron, Eurone and Matsonic, just to name a few, use relabeled PCChips motherboards. Some of these “manufacturers” use a different naming scheme, which we posted on the table (for example, Amptron PM9100 is, in fact, PCChips M571). But the majority follow the PCChips naming scheme. This table is far from being complete and any correction or addition is welcome.

Relabeled Chipset Real Chipset Motherboards
AGP Pro PC-100 VIA Apollo MVP3 (VT82C598AT) PCChips M577 (Amptron PM9900)
AMD-640 VIA Apollo VP2 (VT82C595) Shuttle HOT-603
BXcel ALi M1621 (Aladdin Pro II) PCChips M726 (Amptron PII-3726), M727 and M729
BXpert VIA Apollo Pro (VT82C691) PCChips M730, M761 (Amptron PII-3200), M762 and M765
BX Pro SiS 5600 PCChips M747 (Amptron PII-3747)
BX Too VIA Apollo Pro+ (VT82C693) PCChips M760 (Amptron PII-3760) and M767
ETEQ 6618 VIA Apollo VPX (VT82C580VPX) Soyo SY-5EAS5
ETEQ 6628 VIA Apollo VP3 (VT82C597) Soyo SY-5ED
ETEQ 6638 VIA Apollo MVP3 (VT82C598AT) Soyo SY-5EHM, SY-5EH5, SY-5EMA, SY-5EMA+, SY-5EMA Pro and SY-5EMM
GFXcell SiS 630 PCChips M755, M756, M757 and M758
GFXpro ALi M1631 (Aladdin TNT2) PCChips M754
HX Pro ALi M1521 (Aladdin III) PCChips M539
PC100 SiS 5591 PCChips M590 (uses SiS 6326)
Super TX SiS 5598 ASUS SP97-V, SP98-N and Jetway J-TX98R2
Super TX ALi M1541 (Aladdin V) Biostar M5ALA, M5ALC and Pionex MBD-P5ABx
Super TX3 SiS 5598 PCChips M571 (Amptron PM9100)
Super TX4 SiS 5591 PCChips M570 (Amptron PM9700)
SX Pro SiS 530 PCChips M598 (Amptron PM-598) and M599 (Matsonic MS-6380SG)
T-Bird SiS 730S PCChips M810 (Matsonic MS8308E, ECS K7SEM)
TX AGP Pro SiS 5591 PCChips M570 (Amptron PM9700)
TX Pro ALi M1531 (Aladdin IV+) PCChips M560 (Amptron PM8500), M560TG, M565 and M575 (Ability MB-586TXA1, “Top Gun”)
TX Pro II SiS 5598 PCChips M567, M571 (Amptron PM9100) and M596
TX Pro III VIA Apollo VPX (VT82C580VPX) PCChips M573
TX Pro IV SiS 5591 PCChips M570 (Amptron PM9700)
TX Two ALi M1531 (Aladdin IV+) Amptron PM9600
VIA GRA VIA MVP4 (VT8501) PCChips M585
VX Pro VIA Apollo VP1 (VT82C580VP) PCChips M537 (Amptron PM8400A/B)
VX Pro+ VIA Apollo VPX (VT82C580VPX) PCChips M537DMA33 (Amptron PM8400C/D, Ability MB-586VX7+, Eurone EM-5800V+, Matsonic MS-5120) and M547
VX Pro II Utron UT801x PCChips M558, M559 and M592
VX Two VIA Apollo VP1 (VT82C580VP) Amptron PM8600A
VX Two VIA Apollo VPX (VT82C580VPX) Amptron PM8600B
Xcell 2000 SiS 620 PCChips M741 (Amptron PII-3741) and M748 (Amptron PII-3748)

Note: Be careful to not make confusion between TX3 and TX Pro III. TX3 is a motherboard model produced by SMT, which uses Intel’s 430TX chipset. This motherboard does not have any relationship with those chipsets nor with PCChips.