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When we switch our computers off, the processor’s cooling fan immediately stops working, and the machine’s processor consequently remains hot for several minutes after. As current processors generate a lot of heat and current high-end CPUs are over 3 GHz, this characteristic – inherent to PCs – may reduce the processor’s life span.

IOSS (https://www.ioss.com.tw) has developed an extremely attractive product that promises to increase a PC processor’s useful life span. Called Cooling After, or simply RD7, this device has a timer that keeps the processor’s fan running for a few minutes after the machine is switched off. We have tested this product and found that it really works satisfactorily.

Cooling AfterFigure 1: IOSS Cooling After.

The device is extremely simple to install, but requires that your motherboard includes a WOL (Wake-up On LAN) connector, to be used as the device’s power source after switching the PC off. If your motherboard does not sport this connector, you will not be able to Cooling After. The device is installed between the power supply connection (or motherboard) and the fan. It comes with a series of cables, in order to meet the requirements of all types of fans and connectors on the market. As it is fitted with two outputs, besides powering the processor’s fan, it can also supply an auxiliary fan (the motherboards’ chipset fan or case’s fan, if used).

Cooling After has two jumpers that enable you to set the time the fan should remain operating after switching the machine off. The allowed settings are one minute, three minutes, five minutes and ten minutes.

Cooling AfterFigure 2: Details of the Cooling After Configuring Jumpers

To avoid it remaining loose inside the case, the device has openings for screw-mounting inside the case, or it can be stuck inside it through a Velcro pad provided with the kit.

The device further has an output for the case’s Power LED – the green LED that indicates the machine is running; when the PC is off and the device is keeping the fans working, this LED will blink.