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Logitech Pop Home Switch: Perfect Solution for Smart Homes

Logitech Corp, maker of the Logitech Pop Home Switch, introduces us to a home switch that could convert any ordinary house into a smart home by allowing home owners to control the entire premises with the use of a single switch. Logitech is a reputable company known for creating innovative technological products that help change the face of day-to-day living. The company started out with computer technology and has slowly entered other fields such as music, game and entertainment. Now, they have even entered the realm of home and lifestyle market with their new Logitech Pop Home Switch.

The Pop Switch is compatible with a whole range of household products—from lighting and security to house fixtures like window blinds. It is the ultimate solution, and redefines home convenience because it allows one to take control of his entire household by a tap of a button on his Samsung Galaxy Note, Ipad 2, as well as on other smartphones or tablets.

Logitech Pop Home Switch

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/17/logitech-pop-review/


Functions of the Logitech Pop Home Switch

The home switch has comprehensive control over a number of smart appliances in a home. Below we shall delve into the main ones:

  1. Lights

By using a smartphone, one can control the lights in all the rooms of his house. The phone will act as the master control unit wherein the home owner can turn on and turn off certain lights in all areas of the house. He or she can control the lights of the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and all the other areas within the property. One may even control the type of lighting that will be turned on, if the lights themselves have such features installed. The owner may choose between bright or dim lights, and even strobe lights depending on the mood.

  1. Music

If one has installed a music system in the house, it can easily be controlled by the Logitech Pop Home Switch. It is possible for home owners to just turn on music in the background while sitting on the sofa and sipping a glass of wine. This is the ultimate convenience for people who want to relax after work or give themselves an added musical energy boost during a workout.

  1. Entertainment System

Aside from music, one may even control his or her television set through their smartphone. If the user wants to switch on the television or the Blu-Ray player, he now may easily get access to all these functions trough their smartphone.

  1. Locks and Blinds

Redefining convenience doesn’t stop there though. The switch can also control the locks of the house as well as the blinds. This is very convenient for people who are always on a rush and have the tendency to forget to lock up the house. Everything is now made accessibe through a couple of taps on your screen.

Specs of the Logitech Pop Home Switch

The entire product is made out of two components; namely the Pop Bridge and the Pop Switch. The Bridge has a size of 19mm x 60mm and has a total weight of 51.5 grams. The Switch itself has a size of 9mm x 60mm with a weight of 29.9 grams. The product is compatible with both Android and iOS and has a wireless protocol of 2.4 GHz. The product is compatible with WPA2/AES and open security protocols. System requirements are not extravagant and are instantly made available to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled devices.

Setup of the Switch

The switch can be easily set up by first downloading an app known as the Pop App. The Pop App can be downloaded in both Android and iPhone devices. After downloading the app, the owner needs to scan the Wi-Fi networks in the house and select a device that is compatible with the app.

The app may connect to multiple devices at the same time. The switch itself is connected to the smartphone through the Wi-Fi network. Upon getting the switch, home owners may plug it into the outlet via Bluetooth LE. Once it has already been connected, the smartphone can be connected to the switch via the Pop App and it will then be ready to use!

Availability of the Product

By the end of August 2016, the product will be widely available in the United States. The packages that will be offered to customers in America would be the Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack, as well as the Logitech Pop Add-on Home Switch. The first package is the standard package that will include two Pop Home Switches inside. Any additional Pop Home Switches are sold separately. The Pop Home Switch starter pack will sell at a suggested retail price while the add ons or the Pop Add-on Home Switch will sell at a suggested retail price.

Logitech Pop Home Switch 

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/17/logitech-pop-review/

Benefits of the Logitech Pop Home Switch

The biggest gift this new piece of technology can give to home owners is none other but ultimate convenience. While people these days are extremely busy with their work or their daily activities, maintaining the house properly may be quite a chore, especially for those who live alone or those who live in a big house. Some features that home owners may enjoy from this product would be the simplicity of the Pop wherein one may connect it to his or her device right away through the app. The Pop also has cell batteries that may last for five years or even a bit longer – depending on the use and some other factors. The Pops also come in different colors to match all tastes and decors.

Other than that, home owners may also enjoy the benefits of having a relaxing home environment. With every home function right at their fingertips, home owners can enjoy turning on their entertainment systems and their lights without having to get off their chairs or sofas. Security will also no longer be a problem because this device eliminates the tendency most people have of forgetting to lock the doors before they go to sleep or closing their blinds while shutting down the house.


Overall, the Logitech Pop Home Switch is a convenient tool made available to improve homeowners’ lifestyle. It is simple, useful, and beneficial. And with smarthomes slowly replacing traditional houses, the Home Switch might just become the new favorite product.