The recent opioid epidemic makes it clear that we must find ways to deal with pain, especially chronic pain, without drugs. Biocare System’s LumiWave device is once answer to that problem. LumiWave is a light therapy device that is FDA-cleared to relieve and reduce minor pain and discomfort. As you may know from experience, most pain is not minor when you are experiencing it. I cannot make any medical claims, but I can tell you that the LumiWave got me through several painful experiences.

First, however, let me tell you about the device itself. LumiWave uses light therapy to relieve pain. The active part of the device consists of four pods. Each pod has 50 LEDs (Light Emiting Diods) for a total of 200 lights. LEDs are used because they are safer and less expensive than lasers.LumiWave

This type of light therapy is not new. Light itself does not provide a magical healing. However, in many cases, light stimulates the body to increase its healing potential. This photo-biostimulation gently warms inflamed muscles, joints and deep tissue areas of the body.

The lights cam  stimulate nitric oxide which can reduce pain and inflammation. This can also increase blood flow to tissues. The LumiWave website provides a significant amount of research which supports the effectiveness of light therapy.  They also provide several white papers on this subject.

The LumiWave device itself consists of 4 rectangular pods, each about 1 ½” by 2” which are attached to each other. This makes it possible to rap the light pods around arms, legs, and other body parts. A thick Velcro band  holds the pods in place if necessary.

A thin 46” wire runs from the pods to the controller.  The controller is attached to the power block by a thicker 68” wire which needs to be plugged into the wall.

To use, simply plug it in. Place over affected area. And turn it on. You turn it on using one of the two controller settings: 20 or 30. The 20 button activates high-temperature mode, which delivers treatment for 20 minutes at 108° F (42° C). The lower 30 button activates low-temperature mode, which delivers treatment for 30 minutes at 106º F (41° C). The nodes will be slightly warm to the touch. Which mode you use depends on how much heat you would like generated.  Treatment is recommended two times a day.


The instructions on the LumiWave website give a few of the conditions where this device has proven helpful. These include arthritis, muscle strain, sprains and strains, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, and tension headaches. The LumiWave FAQ area has even more information on these and other conditions and how to use the LumiWave for them.

Use instructions are simple:

  1. Place the LED over the area to be treated. Make sure that the faceplate of each LED pod touches the skin.
  2. For areas like the shoulder, hip or back, just lay the LED set over the affected area without using the strap.
  3. For other areas, such as the arm or leg, use the strap to hold the LED set in place.
  4. The LumiWave automatically turns off at the end of the treatment period.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I first tried the LumiWave. I was recovering from carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery and the healing was taking much longer than expected. I asked the doctor about using the LumiWave. He did not have a definite opinion on the device, but said “Go ahead and try it”.

So try it I did. After twice a day use for a week, I noticed more mobility in my hand and fingers and considerably less pain. So I continued with the LumiWave for several months. I am sure that my hand would have healed without the LumiWave, but I was convinced that it aided the healing.

I have also used the LumiWave for shoulder pain and arthritis with noticeable results. LumiWave named Cool New Product by Runner’s World at CES 2017, so it already has a following in the sports world.

LumiWave doesn’t work for every pain. Recently I started having pain in the heel of my foot. The doctor didn’t have a definite diagnosis, but said it was similar to Plantar Fasciitis. I tried his advice of staying off my feet as much as possible. That didn’t work. So I tries the LumiWave which also didn’t make a difference.

It is obvious that this device is not effective for everything. However, one of the best things about the LumiWave is that it does help many problems and there are no side effects. The patented LED infrared technology locally heats and stimulates circulation in joints and other deep-tissue areas of the body that are often affected by pain. As my doctor told me, you can certainly try it. It won’t hurt you. It is safe and painless.

The long cable on the LumiWave is a double-edge sword. It is very use because it reaches the electric outlet from most any comfortable chair or bed. However, the long cable can get  tangled when not in use. I settled on a small basket for storage when not in use.


LumiWave is now available for purchase via and comes in a single version for 499 and a double version for 720. For chronic conditions, it may take several weeks to several months to notice improvements. So there is an investment in both time and money. However, if it relieves your pain it is worth the investment and LumiWave has a 90 day money back guarantee.